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  1. Wound Management
  2. In Search of a Moisturizing Cream for Burned Skin
  3. Coping with Nightmares and Flashbacks Post-Burn
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Burn Care Resources

AboutFace International - www.aboutfaceinternational.org
Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society - www.burnrehab.com
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - www.aarbf.org
American Burn Association - www.ameriburn.org
Baltimore Regional Burn centre - www.burnsurgery.org
Burn Prevention Foundation - www.burnprevention.org
Burn Survivors On Line - www.alpha-tek.com
Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation - www.gfbf.org
National Fire Protection Association - www.nfpa.org
Shriners Organization International - www.shrinershq.org
The Phoenix Society - www.phoenix-society.org