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Professional Burn Care Training & Seminars

The following seminar topics are currently offered by Burn Resource Centre Inc.  Whether your experience with burn patients is at the scene, in hospital or in the community, there is a seminar designed to meet your needs.  If you are working in a burn unit, consider staying current in your area of practice by signing up for one of our seminars.  Content can be individualized to address your agency's particular educational objectives.

Pre-hospital Management of the Person with Burns

Designed for paramedics, this seminar reviews the key principles of initial assessment, stabilization and transfer of the burn patient from the scene to hospital.  Airway management, shock and fluid resuscitation, burn wound care and transfer guidelines are primary area of focus.

Emergency Care of the Burn Patient

Designed for emergency department, critical care, surgical and burn centre staff, this program reviews the knowledge needed to confidently assess and care for burn patients in the first 8 hours post-injury.  Airway management, shock and fluid resuscitation, diagnostic studies, burn wound assessment and care, pain management, stabilization and transfer guidelines will be reviewed in detail.  Participants will also learn how to decide which patients can be cared for in a community hospital, who should be transferred to a burn centre and who could be managed on an outpatient basis.

Caring for the Critically Ill Burn Patient:  Key Concerns during the First 72 Hours

Designed for emergency department, critical care and burn centre staff, this program focuses on key principles of care, during the first 72 hours post-burn, for the severely burned patient with an inhalation injury.  Emphasis is placed on initial airway management, continuing care of the person with an inhalation injury, shock and fluid resuscitation, and diagnostic studies.  The need for ongoing monitoring, initial burn wound assessment and care, pain management and sedation, early rehabilitation and nutritional care will also be discussed.

Comprehensive Care of the Person with Burns:  The Challenging Journey from Hospital to Home

This day-long seminar offers health care professionals an in-depth review of all aspects of burn care.  Whether you work in a burn centre and care frequently for patients or see them infrequently on a multi-service unit, you will receive information to help you stay current with changes in the burn care field.  Areas of focus include airway assessment and management, shock and fluid resuscitation, burn wound assessment and care, diagnostic studies, pain management, nutritional care, surgical management, rehabilitation needs, psychosocial care of the patient and family, and community re-entry.

Outpatient Management of the Person with a Minor Burn

Targeted to health care professionals working in the emergency department, physicians' offices, ambulatory clinics and home care agencies, this seminar assists the learner with the identification and care of those burn injuries that can be managed on an outpatient basis.  Wound assessment and care, pain management, psychosocial support and follow-up will be discussed in detail.  This course is a component of "Emergency Care of the Burn Patient" seminar.

Innovations in Burn Wound Care

Provision of care to the burn patient is a multifaceted and complex process, with the primary objective being achievement of wound closure.  Such closure will halt or reverse the various fluid/electrolyte, metabolic and infectious processes associated with the open burn wound.  While there are a number of familiar products commonly used by burn care providers, the last 10 years have seen the development and introduction of several innovative, temporary and permanent skin substitutes.  This seminar is designed for burn centre staff and those who care for burns on a consistent basis in a non-burn unit community hospital setting.

Community-based Nursing Care of the Person with Burns

This seminar has been designed with non-burn unit health care professionals in mind.  Emergent, acute and rehabilitative phases of care, including a review of the criteria for admission to a community hospital versus a burn centre, will be discussed.  The role of a regional burn centre in the support of community-based burn care is also included.

The Fifth Vital Sign:  Managing Pain in the Person with Burns

This seminar provides a comprehensive review of current standards of practice and pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to the management of pain, anxiety and agitation in burn patients.  The content would be applicable to health care professionals in emergency departments, critical care units, community hospitals and burn care facilities.

More than Skin Deep:  Psychosocial Care of the Person with Burns

Designed for professionals who care for burn survivors in specialized burn centres, community hospitals, home care settings or rehabilitation facilities, this seminar examines the psychosocial challenges of burn recovery.  Psychological stages of recovery, coping with pain and anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjusting to an altered body image, family reactions and adjustment, and reclaiming one's spirit post-burn will be explored in detail.

Caring for the Burn Survivor with a Facial Difference: Hospital and Community Re-entry Strategies

Quite often, health care professionals are uncertain how best to prepare the burn patient to see him/herself for the first time post-injury, and lack confidence in preparing the person to return home.  This seminar focuses on the special challenges experienced by those burn survivors who have facial burn injuries.  Strategies to encourage gradual acceptance of an altered appearance and return to one's community/school/workplace will be explored, including social skills training and image enhancement techniques.

Living Your Best Life:  Strategies for Burn Survivors

This seminar is designed with burn survivors, their families and friends in mind.  Advice and strategies from recovered burn survivors and experienced burn care professionals will be offered.  Learn how to live with and overcome nightmares and flashbacks, decrease the itchiness of burned skin, accept an altered appearance, move about comfortably in public, return to work/school and reclaim one's spirit post-burn.  Exploring ways to become involved in burn survivor support groups, using the internet to increase your knowledge, and developing an awareness of international burn and fire prevention initiatives will be explored.